Mortgageal Cancer Informative Essay

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Kyle Grogan English 121 Section 017 April 11, 2011 Esophageal Cancer Have you experienced or seen a person constantly choking when eating food? I bet you would have never guessed that it was a symptom of cancer. This is a symptom for esophageal cancer. Esophageal cancer is the eighth most common type of cancer among Americans. It takes twelve thousand American lives per year; which ends up being two percent of America’s cancer death rate per year. I did not know much about this cancer because it is never publicized in the media until all of a sudden my girlfriend’s father, Jeff, got diagnosed with it in 2009. This was not only a huge surprise but a heart breaker as well. When someone hears that they could be losing a close friend…show more content…
One of the bigger causes is smoking. Simply do not smoke and this cause is not a worry. People who smoke are more likely to develop this cancer, in particular squamous cell carcinoma. Another avoidable cause is heavy drinking. If a person were to drink heavily and smoke, they would both work together as enablers and increase the risk even more. Two other risks that can be monitored are obesity and diet. Two risks that are completely controlled by each individual themselves. Being obese increases the risk of adenocarcinoma. Maintaining a person’s own weight through diet is proven to help prevent the risk of this cancer. There are also risks that can sometimes not be prevented. Acid reflux is one of those risks. Acid reflux is when the acid from the stomach has an abnormal backward flow into the esophagus. This happened to be the reason my girlfriend’s dad had been diagnosed with this cancer. Another non preventable risk is being a male and being over the age of sixty-five. In the United States, men are more than three times as likely as women to develop esophageal cancer. For being over the age of 65, the reason is as people get older their risk for this disease increases. With more risks being a controllable manner than not, knowing the risks could be the difference of being diagnosed with cancer or

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