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The Effect of Unemployment Essay

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  • on October 1, 2013
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Below is an essay on "The Effect of Unemployment" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.


It’s very hard for people everywhere right now because of the constant struggle for occupation. Unemployment has been at its highest. In some families it’s very hard when one is unemployed it puts a great financial strain on the other party. Things that they use to enjoyed before they can no longer make payment on it. Their lives turn upside down. Those who are not strong either split up or break up their relationship because of the loss of income. It’s so hard to get a job out there so it causes depression to the unemployed and also the family member. When a family is use to a certain lifestyle it becomes very hard to cope with the situation now at hand. Families have to come up with new ways to budget their money to accommodate their new lifestyle. When a person is unemployed and they become very depressed and don’t get treated early they starts to have suicidal thoughts or their families tries to kill each other. Unemployment is a worldwide loss of financial stability in society today. It has cost several decay of governmental help for families receiving benefits and aids, it has devastated the interest of getting an education for students who are attending private schools and college. Unemployment is an epidemic that has many individual, homeless, hungry, uneducated and depressed to the deteration of their health which leads to post traumatic stress disorder, mental, physical, sociological and emotional breakdowns either young or old. Unemployment is a serious damage to American society based on the fact that there is no little income to survive off and for children to become ill and mistreated.

The recession of 2007–09 has had a major impact on labor markets in the United States. The unemployment rate peaked at 10.1 percent in October 2009 and has remained around 9 percent throughout the recovery. More striking is the long- term unemployment rate nearly half of unemployed...

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