Immigration Control Research Paper

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Michael chambers September 8th, 2012 ENG-106 Sandi Greene Immigration Control Immigration control does not mean no immigrants, in actuality it should read, illegal immigration control. This hot topic needs looking at carefully, because immigrants do a lot for this country and if they were to all be deported, then parts of the economy of this great nation would decline even more and quicker than it is currently. We hear many stories of how immigrants are taking jobs away from the legal residents and speculation as to how much better life would be for its citizens if those that are here illegally would not take all the jobs and send the money out of the country. From the surface, this looks exactly like that. The economy of the United States is currently in a recession, if not depression. Many people on unemployment are unable to find jobs to support their families. The media capitalizes on the misfortune of so many, and stirs the pot by talking about the amount of illegal aliens that live and work within our borders. There are states that have implemented strict terms for employers when hiring new employees. South Carolina is one of those states that threaten businesses that do not properly…show more content…
Even though they pay into the social security administration’s fund, they will never have the ability to collect any of those benefits. Social Security's chief actuary, Stephen Goss states that illegal immigrants contribute anywhere from $120 billion to $240 billion annually toward the social security administration fund. The Social Security Administration sends out over $700 billion annually. When one does the math, it is easy to see that if the illegal aliens were not contributing, toward this benefit the United States would not have the ability to make those payments to those who are eligible to receive them. (MSN Money,
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