Essay On The Great Depression

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The Great Depression The Depression was a difficult economic time in Australia during the 1930s. Many people lost their job and became unemployed, sometime this Depression lead to suicide. The depression affected the unemployed in a lot of ways like disease, homelessness, shame and family issue. To survive this depression the unemployed did many things to live and help their family like jumping the rattler, walking the track, using a sandwich board to advertise yourself or you could beg for a job even if it didn’t pay you much. It was a terrible time during the depression, it change the life of many people. Disease was one of the biggest consequences during the depression. There were many types of diseases that had affected the unemployed,…show more content…
People were that desperate to find a job that they would walk town to town wearing a sandwich board(a board that advertise their feature) to find a job some people even ending having no bottom on their shoe that how hard they tried to find a job. Some men even jump the rattler(jump a train) illegally to go to the bush to find a job, the only way to jump a rattler is climb on or jump the train when it stop or when it is going on bend. If people didn’t want to jump the rattler they would have walk on the track to the bush. Some men would even do odd jobs like fixing fences for really little money but the one of the most humiliating way to get a job way take it from a person with less pay and leave that men without a job these people who took the job were called a scab. Another humiliating way to get a job was also dangerous and it was to go to a waterfront or dock and you have to grab a ticket to get the job but the problem was that there was only a couple of tickets an over a crowd of a 100 people trying to get the ticket so you would have to fight for the ticket while everyone is watching you. The government also gave out relief tickets which was a ticket which that gave you a loaf of bread and one drink. These were all the ways to find a single job to
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