Have You Ever Been Electrocuted?

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Have you ever been electrocuted? The taser is an electric rifle used to immobilize criminals with a jolt of electricity. Police officers should be allowed to use tasers to subdue criminals. can make a global connection to this theme because, after each of the World Wars there has been a positive and/or a negative impact. After the First World War there was a negative impact. People were very sad that they had lost their loved ones. Also, after the war there was the great depression which also leads to the economic crisis. People were having trouble finding a job and there was a lot of poverty. After the Second World War there was a much bigger impact. A negative impact is that there were many more deaths than the First World War and many more injuries. There were people coming back from war with missing limbs. This motivated people to research medicine and the medical technology and the medical field’s knowledge was increased. This is one positive impact. Another positive impact is it changed people’s perspective and the world started to modernize. Also, women started to participate in society. Women were allowed to start working and to take part in politics. After the Second World War, there was also the baby boom period. This was when the birth rate increased tremendously across the whole world.…show more content…
The war going on in the movie was a civil war. The negative impact of the war going on in the movie is the fact that, many people died and they were killed by their own people or distance relatives. The positive impact of the war was that the king and the people of Japan realized that modernization is important but knowing and keeping your culture and identity is more important. This allowed Japan to take part in the world economy and trades without losing their
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