The Credo of the Ritz-Carlton, Vis-À-Vis Westward Hilton

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The credo of the Ritz-Carlton, vis-à-vis Westward Hilton Westward Hilton, according to the progressive looking General Manager, Peter Green, was modeled on making the hotel, a friendly place for the hotel guests to visit multiple times and have a warm and comfortable stay at the hotel. This warmth and friendliness could be effectively imparted to the guests only if the same amount of caring and friendliness could be shown to its employees. The hotel industry, as experienced by Mr. Green in Chicago, has seen generations of negative conditioning, which made the hotel managers treat the hotel staff in an abusive manner. Thus, this conditioning bred hotel managers, who felt that satisfying customers in the hotel meant giving superior amenities only. They forgot that friendly service is an integral part to Customer Relationship Management, essential to have repeat customers. The credo of Ritz Carlton, in the view of Mr. Green was more amenities driven, where higher emphasis was laid on providing more for the customer for generating customer delight. The management assumed that, as specific set of services would delight the customer, rather than asking the customer, if he/she were happy with the services offered. Personal contact with the customer from the management was not carried out. The customer was treated as a customer, for generating revenue and not as a friendly guest, giving them the warmth and friendliness as a home away from home. Moreover, Mr. Green wanted to target the hotel to cater to High End, corporate FIT (frequent individual traveler), give them uncompromising quality and amenities along with actively listen to guests and employees, anticipate market needs, liberate themselves from old ways of doing things, and provide a wonderful employee experience. One of the most common means to communicate strategic direction is a written Mission statement.

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