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Kudler Marketing Research Kristen D Alqallaf MKT 421 September 18, 2013 Donald Reinhart, PH.D. Kudler Marketing Research Kudler Fine Foods has been in business for over 15 years. During this time, the owner expanded to two additional locations. Marketing for the company is in the form of local newspaper ads and research surveys have been conducted (Apollo Group, Inc., 2011). The importance of researching the company’s competition and customer base will continue to develop Kudler’s marketing strategy and tactics as they grow. Exploring further research in areas that have previously been ignored may hold an advantage to the expansion of Kudler Fine Food opportunities. Kudler Fine Foods tracks every purchase created by customers that…show more content…
For example, in both surveys there is an approximately a 60/40 split on customer satisfaction for customer service representatives being courteous (Apollo Group, Inc., 2011). Instead of looking to improve on their products and services, perhaps the company should be looking to their customer service. The marketing objective could improve the amount of people agreeing with the level of customer service. Customer service is as important, if not more so, than the products themselves. If a customer is not happy with service they received in a store, they are more likely not to return regardless of the quality of the product. Kudler’s objective at this point may be to hold customer service seminars for their employees to increase the level of customer service their clientele are receiving. Giving incentives to employees for great customer service is likely to improve the level of customer service produced by employees towards the clientele thus improving the likelihood of return shoppers. The surveys given to customers reflect on the prices of Kudler’s products as…show more content…
In addition to the marketing surveys the company performs, they could also employ secret shoppers, build a stronger online presence, monitor forums and scope out their competitors (Armstrong, 2011). Better understanding of their customer needs and what the competition offers of which Kudler may not is likely to increase Kudler’s understanding of marketing and customer loyalty. Competitors in the local area of Kudler Fine Foods should not be the only competitors considered in the company’s search for a better marketing strategy. Viewing online and worldwide competitors as a threat should be researched to see what each company brings to the market. Kudler would do well in forming a marketing research team and employing a marketing information system to help improve their company’s

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