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Rosewood Hotels & Resorts 1. Estimate the impact of the corporate branding strategy. You will have to calculate the Customer Lifetime Value Analysis (CLTV) without corporate branding (using data assumptions of 2003) and compare these results with those of the CLTV with corporate branding. To conduct the CLTV, follow the spreadsheet provided in the excel file. First, complete the assumptions worksheet and then use the information to get the CLTV from 2004 to 2009 using the data assumptions of 2003 (year 0). 2. What would you recommend to Rosewood Hotels & Resorts? In your answer include the following: * Provide 3 arguments that would support your decision. * Describe how you would implement your recommendation. When asked about Rosewood Hotels & Resorts and their idea to find ways to increase company revenues and keep returning customers happy as well as new ones, I would think that the best things the company can do is to 1. Increase guest retention rates and returning guest quotas, as that will allow for company revenues to increase and will, in turn, create more brand awareness. 2. Merging hotels is a good idea, but being cautious as to which ones will merge will help to alleviate losses in profits and revenues for the company overall. 3. Not using a merging strategy that involves hotels that are strongly connected to the brand. Using a Token Endorsement methodology will help to create a “new” name for hotels while keeping the original name in the process, all the while, allowing repeat customers to stay in their favorite hotels and adding new customers to the list of guests. 4. New locations could utilize the Branded house method to help to more aggressively identify them as part of the Rosewood branding name. Adding “Rosewood” to the exisiting name of hotels and adding it to new hotels will keep the name in

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