Ethics At Kudler Fine Foods

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Personal Values Ethics in business practice is critical to the longevity and livelihood of an organization. Without a true understanding of the ethics and values by which a company abides, one can never be successful within the organization. Kudler Fine Foods (KFF) has a distinct understanding of what is important to their organization and the people who run the organization. In this paper I will discuss my personal thoughts on ethics based on the Williams Institute Ethics Awareness Inventory (EAI) (2006) and relate how my ethics and values align with a managerial position at Kudler Fine Foods. Recently, I had the opportunity to use a tool to test one’s perspective on ethics. This tool, the Williams Institute Ethics Awareness Inventory…show more content…
A society we must respect those individual rights. As a manager at Kudler Fine Foods, I would expect that employees and customers are respected and recognized individually. My focus would not be on what may be most beneficial to society or the grocery industry in general, but on what is most beneficial to my internal and external customers. For example, some managers may believe that it is a waste of resources to offer free food samples. When looking at the bottom line, this practice takes an employee away from working the register or counter as well as increases the costs associated with providing goods for no profit. As a manager, I support Kudler’s practice of offering the samples. I see that it makes the customers happy and our employees get to know members within the community. The event offers more social interaction than a traditional grocery store could offer. Although it may cost most to staff this event, my values and ethics tell me I should concentrate on what is most beneficial to my employees and my customers. I believe the value that the interaction brings will outweigh the cost to staff an additional employee. Ethically, my core belief states that people and relationships are more important than…show more content…
The inventory describes someone in the equity category as one who may “tend to base your perspective on ethics on a concern for the stability of knowledge the uncertainty of human judgment, and the lack of individuals who can truly qualify as experts in the discernment of what is right and what is wrong.” My score was -14 in this category. My values and ethics dictate that the severity of a right or wrong action is seldom determined on a situational basis. I follow the belief that serving food past the due date is bad practice. Some may argue that if the food is only past the due date by one day, serving the food is

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