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The Concept of Self October 9, 2011 The Concept of Self The concept of self is the evaluation of how one thinks about themselves. The concept of self is also the ability to be aware of ourselves and how we relate to the world. Self concept is a definition and construct of how an individual perceives the “self.” Several characteristics influence an individual’s perception of self: such as racial identity, nonacademic, and academic factors, sexuality, gender roles, and social structures. The self concept is a model that analyzes the internal structure of the self. The analysis of the model focuses on the skills, abilities, personality, physical characteristics, hobbies, and occupation. The self concept of an individual changes as the individual continues to reassess the self throughout life. Too much self reassessment may result in identity crisis. Identity crisis arises as a result of inability of an individual to achieve self esteem, most often during the adolescence. The self concept affects the future of an individual and how they work productively as he or she go through adulthood. The past and present selves will give the individual the ideas of what he or she wants to become and what he or she would not like to become. An individual’s past and present self corresponds to fears, goals, threats, and hopes. The Development of Self Concept The self concept development process involves acculturation or socialization. When a child is born in ongoing social and cultural institutions, these institutions provide initial sensory of self and object relationships. The social and cultural institution helps the individual to learn rules regarding various relations with objects surrounding the individual. The individual also learns about work, family, interracial, and language patterns and how he or she relates to each other. The central

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