Guidance Philosophy for Children

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Fatima Ouguir CHD 205 02A Hybrid Mary Hanrahan January 28,2013 Self-Regulation 1. What is meant by ‘external supports’ as a child develops in his ability to self-regulate? Is meant by external supports are the responses that can help set a strong foundation for how the children will manage and respond to their own feeling, impulses and needs, children learn that their feeling of discomfort and distress do eventually pass as warm and loving caregivers respond to their needs, by providing consistent structure in child’s external environment will help him over time to develop an internal sense of ability to self-regulate. 2. How does a child’s temperament impact his /her ability to self-regulate? Each child is different it is very important to recognize and respond to a child’s temperament that impact his ability to self regulate by how he respond to stressful situation, and the interaction including how the caregivers accommodate his temperament and respond , also using language , all these affect how and when he develops self-regulation. 3. Describe, in your own words, the term ‘’goodness of fit’’ and how ‘’goodness of fit’’ might aid teachers in selecting strategies to support children as they develop their ability to self-regulate. Goodness of fit is the compatibility between environment and a child’s temperament, inability of fit occurs when temperament is not respected and accommodated, teacher can improve the goodness of fit by adapting her approach to meet the needs of the child, and in order to select a better strategies to support children teachers first need to understand and recognize each child

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