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The Code of Practice suggests that children and young people and young people who are described as requiring School Action or School Action Plus provision or have a Statement of Special Educational Needs (SEN) should have an Individual Education Plan (IEP). • An IEP is a tool to help plan for meeting the SEN of children and young people/young people and to help in teaching them effectively the emphasis is placed on the involvement of parents/carers and children and young people/young people. The Code of Practice identifies the information an IEP should contain: o The short term targets set for or by the children and young people and young people o The teaching strategies to be used o The provision to be put in place o When the plan is to be reviewed o Success and/or exit criteria o Outcomes (to be recorded when the IEP is reviewed) • IEPs should focus on: o Up to three or four key individual targets set to help meet the Individual children and young people and young people needs and particular priorities. Targets set in IEPs will largely relate to curriculum objectives: communication, literacy, mathematics, and all aspects of behaviour or physical skills. Targets can be set to meet more holistic objectives, such as the development of independence skills. o Targets for children and young people/young people who have statements should relate to the objectives on the statement. o List individual targets in this section o Remember that targets should be SMART;  Specific  Measurable  Achievable  Relevant  Time Bound o Parents should always be involved in the targets that have been set and be informed of the action school is going to take and any help they can give them at home. o Children and young people and young people should contribute to the targets that are set. • Teaching assistants (TA’s) and learning support assistant (LSA’s) can
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