The Chrysalids Uncle Axel Character Analysis

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Different people have different reactions for different situations. A lot of people agree with this point, because even people that are blood related and live together, it does not mean they are identical in their beliefs and actions. In “The Chrysalids”, David Strorm, Joseph Strorm and Axel are family, but they have different reactions of mutants. David does not agree with the widely held belief that mutants are sinful and sent by the devil. Alex does not believe that the Waknuk religion is right about mutants being sinful and thinks that David’s telepathy is a new character of mind instead of a deviation. However, Joseph Strorm dislikes anything that is different from what he thinks is normal and has destroys anything that may be slightly…show more content…
For example, "…because he was Uncle Axel and my best friend among the grown-ups." (4,30)This happened when Uncle Axel asks David why he is speaking to himself. David decides to tell the truth to Uncle Axel. This shows that Uncle Axel is the very supportive, understanding, logical, and open- minded member in his family. If Uncle Axel like David’s father who hates mutant, he would not have told him his special ability. Another example, “ "I want you to promise me that you will never, never tell anyone else what you have just told me - never”(4,31) This quote is describing the situation where Uncle Axel finds out about David can communicate with others only use his thought. He reacts quietly and calmly and tells David to never tell anyone, do not do it out loud any more. The readers can get some important information from here -- Uncle Axel seems lenient and accepting towards differences. If he did not, he would not taught ,explained and helped David to understand about Waknuk's rules and their views on people who are different from the image of God. He also would not cares about David and wants to protect him. The last example is “ It was a great satisfaction to learn and know more, it helped to ease one over a lot of puzzling matters, and I began to understand many of the things Uncle Axel talked about much better, nevertheless, it brought, too, the first taste of complications from which we would never again be free. ” (8, 82) This happened after David’s aunt die, he develops an intense desire to become normal. He was so scared that someone will find out about him. Then Uncle Axel gave David comfort and support. He also told him stories about the world outside of Waknuk to David. This proves that Uncle Axel has seen the world. He knows that people are born different and it is not so horrible to be an offense because there are other

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