Secular Humanist Vs Christian Worldview

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Josephine Rosborough CWV-101 Thomas Joseph July 22, 2012 Worldview Essay During this course, I have learned so much about different worldviews and different belief systems that I have never known. Not all people think…show more content…
Naturalist do not believe in more than just matter, they look at things as if I cannot see it then it is not there. However, as a Christians, I believe in more and I know our God is out there helping us through our lives. Naturalist look at us as machines that all of our emotions and such are just reactions in our brains, but Christians believe that everything we do is the creation of God. Secular humanist and Christians are so different I use my religion to help stay in line. Secular humanist feel that religion is really a negative thing because it gives you rules to follow therefore you never really follow your deepest desires. The one thing Christians and secular humanist have in common is that they both look for the good in everyone that no one is truly bad. Atheistic Existentialism is very different from Christianity in almost every way. Christian feels that we as humans have purpose and are on this Earth to follow whatever path God has for us. However, Atheistic Existentialism sees humans and even themselves as nothing but matter and to me it is completely sad that they have no faith or feeling of value. This what makes my worldview and Atheistic Existentialism so different we have high values and morals about ourselves and they just do not. Eastern Pantheism and Christians both look up to higher
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