Can One Be Moral and Not Believe in God?

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Can one be moral and not believe in God? Have you ever judged or been judged unfairly? How about thinking someone’s a bad person because they don’t believe in God? In the world today we are beginning to see an ethical system being built based on tolerance and enlightenment; apart from God. A person undoubtedly can ne moral without believing in God. There are many who have sought out alternatives to religion with beliefs in Atheism, Humanism, and Agnosticism. The first alternative to religion is Atheism. Atheism is simply the rejection of belief in the existence of deities. The word Atheism is actually a Greek term meaning “without Gods”. Most Atheists believe there is not enough empirical evidence to constitute an existence of God. There are many atheists who live ethical lives and have high moral principles, but because they reject the idea of there being a God they are looked at as being bad people. There are some who actually believe that atheists are incapable of having a coherent system of morality because they don’t possess religion. There’s even a term coined “moralistic atheists”. These are the atheist who offended people think that they lack morality by giving up God. It seems Atheists find moral value within the natural world and beings that it possesses, and to respond to the vulnerabilities and capacities in others. The Pope attacked Marxism for opposing religion "as a kind of idealistic illusion to be fought with the most suitable means and methods according to circumstances of time and place, in order to eliminate it from society and from man's very heart." He said atheism" is the ideology of 'the death of man.' Just because one does not believe in God why would you want to remove what they believe in? Atheistic are not trying to remove God from people they just feel there is not enough evidence to show God exists. The second alternative to

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