Friedrich Nietzsche: Aphorisms

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Friedrich Nietzsche shares little tidbits of his person opinions through out these aphorisms. It seems to me that many of the readings shared in this section focus in on the religious beliefs of Christianity and he shares his many differences with the church. Areas covered in this reading are topics suck as: Thoughts on the meaning of life, Truth and Untruth, Will to Power, On Interpretation, and Perspectivism. “Thoughts on life” is a section that is very comparable to predestination. “Will to Power” is a section that is parallel to “Thoughts on Life” because is discusses an individuals will to become powerful and make a personal stand for themselves. In “On Interpretation” he shares his view that there is no fact in the world because everything is an interpretation. As you can see all of these sections have a possible relation to Christianity and their set of beliefs. A particular problem I notice with Nietzsche’s aphorisms is that it creates an image for the reader to portray a Christian to be a weak mined helpless being. He basically degrades the entire Bible by saying that there is no fact in the world and everything is an interpretation. He claims the truth is unnecessary to be spoken because it is only necessary to speak the truth when the untruth is so false that it can be detected. Nietzsche shares his belief that a human’s life is 100% controlled by the individual and all success should be credited to that individual. Then he disrespects all Christians by claiming they are a species of weak failures looking for pity that shall parish to the strong-willed all-powerful being. I strongly disagree with almost everything Fredrick Nietzsche writes about in this section of the reading. I believe he is a very successful man that is very well educated, but it seems to me that he is a very greatly man. In the mini bio on Nietzsche’s life is
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