Anybody Can Be Everybody

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Anybody can be everybody. This is simply the way the world lives, but I've always wondered why? Especially since most people set a goal in life to be different and rebellious when in reality they are the most conformed people I know. Anybody can party, get drunk, smoke pot, and have sex! Everybody in the westernized world lives just like everybody else; anybody can be everybody, and if you are 'different' you are a nobody. Well let me be the first to say that it takes a nobody to be the somebody that changes the world. Think about it, it takes no guts to do what everybody else is doing because everybody else is doing that! All of my life I've been looked down upon because somebody didn't like the fact that I made good grades, had good moral standards, and obeyed my parents; they all wanted me to change to be like them. How can they ask me to change when they're the one's that stay the same? It's confusing, that's why Jesus Christ was the real rebel - he did not conform. What excuses do we have then, "Well so-and-so did it..." What Justification does that give us? Why do we set out to make a difference by being no different? We are supposed to tell the truth that has been buried for over two-thousand years. The resurrection couldn't have happened unless somebody witnessed the event and told somebody. That somebody (an angel) said "Go Now and tell the disciples..." Who are the disciples? Me and you! This is where we have fallen apart as a Church, we are not moving. If we are Christ's resurrection has not been preached, we are not praying, and we refuse to act like Christ then Christianity is a huge joke. If we are God's children that means something is wrong! We are morally corrupted and we need the Gospel as much as everybody else needs to hear it. It brings us back to the excuses, we all have told an excuse to God to either not believe or not telling
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