“Explain What Is Meant by ‘God Is Dead’ and ‘There Is No God’”

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“EXPLAIN WHAT IS MEANT BY ‘GOD IS DEAD’ AND ‘THERE IS NO GOD’” The statement “God is dead” and “There is no God” can be interpreted in many different ways. The term God is dead comes from the idea of a man called Freidrich Nietzche who put forward this, however the statement could also be interpreted from an atheist view that there is no God at all. These two statements differ in meaning as the term God is dead implies there is no need for God anymore and he is no longer, but this is suggesting that there once was a God which differs to the atheist based statement that there is no God completely. Freidrich Neitzche began from the assumption that there is no God, despite his religious background he brought about the theory “God is dead”. He believed that life is meaningless and that we have no souls, so we should therefore grasp everything that the world has to offer whilst we can as there is no chance of an afterlife in his perspective. Neitzche also said that everyone should strive to seek pleasure and success wherever it could be found, he also thought religious beliefs to be false. But what did Neitzche mean by God is ‘dead’? He felt that religious outlook is no longer credible for the modern intellectual person. He meant that humans had advanced their understanding of the natural world enough to realize that the literal teachings of the religions that espoused God were not true. Religious doctrine surrounding the existence of an omnipotent god could no longer be taken literally. This left a huge problem for mankind, in terms of the source of their values. Although he did recognise that some of the greatest cultures of the world had been based on strong religion he simply felt that these now belonged in the past. The ‘death’ of God meant that people had to find a whole new way of understanding the world and a whole new base for ethics. Without God the whole
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