Hassan's Death In The Kite Runner

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In the novel The Kite Runner, Khaled Hosseini shows how a Pashtun boy and his father live with their Hazaran servants. They live in Kabul, Afghanistan during the time of the Afghan War when the Taliban took over, which made it very difficult for Hazaran people to live there because they were the minority. Hassan, who is one of the servants, is killed and Amir feels responsible for his death. Amir's lack of action caused many complicated events to occur, which lead to Hassan's death. Amir drives Hassan and Ali away, which causes a separation between their families. Also, Amir is forced to flee Afghanistan to go to America with Baba, leaving their home in the hands of Rahim Khan, one of Baba's closest friends. Amir caused Hassan's death because…show more content…
In Afghanistan, if you are somehow related to a Hazaran, it is a crime. Baba keeps a secret from everyone he knows, except for Rahim Khan. Years later, Amir went to visit Rahim on his death bed, he tells him that Amir's mother was not Baba's first wife, and tells him that “He was married once before, to a Hazara woman from the Jaghori area. They were married for three years” (Hosseini 222). After he says this, Amir knows where the conversation is going, but he does not want to hear it. Rahim tells him that Baba is Hassan's legitimate father, and Baba managed to keep that secret from both Hassan and Amir their whole lives. This could also have indirectly been the cause of Hassan's death, because if he had known, his life would have theoretically been completely different. But the reason Baba did not tell this to anyone because it would have put their family in danger. Being related to a Hazran would have meant suffering for all of them, so Baba did the righteous thing and kept it to himself in order to keep his reputation in the community. This was utterly selfish of Baba, but he had no other choice because if he told, his reputation and his life would have been ruined. Hassan would have been Hazaran no matter what, as it would not have mattered if he was part Pashtun. He still would have been categorized the same, which makes Baba's decision to not tell the secret unrelated to Hassan's

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