Why Does Uncle Axel Warn David About His Gift?

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CHAPTER 4 QUESTIONS 1. In Chapter Four, a series of successive crises temporarily relieve David of his concern for Sophie. List these crises. david's gift -the meeting of the fringes leaders -teaching sophie about the world -the inspector's rational views 2. Why does Uncle Axel warn David about his gift? uncle axel warns david because his father might not approve of this gift and may end up killing him and all that have that gift. 3. David never asks his father about the Spider Man from the Fringes. Who do you guess he was? Does it explain in some way Mr. Strorm's efforts to rid the region of deviations? It was Joseph's brother, meaning david's other uncle. It explains why he wants to rid the world of deviations because of how his brother turned out, he's afraid it might happen to him.…show more content…
What does the incident about Angus Morton's great horses tell you about the people's general attitude towards deviations? The people's general attitude is that, they don't mind small deviations, in fact, if it is profitable, they'll keep them so long as they know they're not true deviations. 5. In what ways has the climate of Labrador changed since Tribulation? Why doesn't the author give you this information in a straight forward manner, and instead lets in come out, during David's talk with Sophie? The climate of labrador is mainly warm out, and only 2 months of the year cold, as opposed to how it was originally in which it was cold all the time. The author explains it when david talks to sophie as to make it so he actually talks to her to teach her things. CHAPTER 4 VOCABULARY placid - Not easily upset or

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