Black Day To All Autistic Children Quiz Essay

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1. What is the author’s purpose in writing this novel? a) To inform people on autism kids b) To entertain the reader about an autistic boy c) To persuade the reader that autism kids are the best d) To send a message to all autistic kids 2. In the sentence below from page 201, how does the connotation of the words reflect Mr. Shears attitude? “What’s he going to do? There is no school for him to go to. We’ve both got jobs. It’s bloody ridiculous.” a) Welcoming b) Inconsiderate c) Loving d) Pessimistic 3. How does Christopher’s tone change between chapter 89 page 53 and chapter 97 page 55? a) Great to Bad b) Yellow day to black day c) Black day to good day d) Black day to Super good…show more content…
Which group of words convey Christopher’s feelings toward Wellington? a) Caring, Compassionate, loving b) Suicidal, hatred, violence c) Nonchalant, depressing, eager d) Open, crazy, silly 7. According to the text why does Christopher leave his dad to go live with his mom? a) Because his dad killed wellington b) Because his dad threatened him c) Because his dad said he can’t be in A grade d) Because his dad wouldn’t let him continue his book about Wellington’s death 8. On page 82, what word can be used to replace levelheaded a) Sensible b) Impalpable c) Undetectable d) Spirit 9. According to the text why doesn’t Christopher write his mom back? a) Because is mad at his mother b) Because he thinks his mom doesn’t love him c) Because she put yellow toys in his room d) Because his dad hid the letters from him 10. What can be inferred from paragraph 3 on page 197? a) That he wants to give his dad a knife b) That he wants his dad to be stay back c) That he wants to play d) That he wants his mom to kill his dad Answer key 1. B 2. B 3. D 4. B 5. C 6.

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