East Of Eden Analysis

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Sinners or Saints? Among those in the Puritan society there are many who are considered sinners, it is believed they were born that way. In contrast, some were believed to have been chosen by god to live holy pure lives. Wither it is in religion or literature there seems to always be a power struggle between good and evil. In the novels Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini and East of Eden by John Steinbeck the struggles of good vs. evil is evident through intriguing character relationships. The idea of good vs. evil can be seen in relationships between friends, brothers, and fathers & sons. Thus the battle of good vs. evil in friendships is seen with the characters Cathy and Faye in the book East of Eden. Cathy is a force of evil throughout…show more content…
There are few fathers who measure up to Baba in masculinity, but he often falls short in parenting skills. Baba does an injustice to his son Hassan by never claiming him as his own. Amir does not even learn it is his brother until he is grown himself and Rahim Kahn tells him (Hosseini 205). An important part of knowing who they were as characters was knowing where they came from. He steals this natural right from his son by making him believe he had a different father his entire life. Another injustice carried out by a father happens with the unfair love Adam shows to Aron over Cal; somewhat similar to how Baba treats his boys. In order for children to feel safe and nurtured they must feel loved as well. Cal is always trying to impress his dad and make up for any mistakes he makes. He accepts the death of his brother as his fault, claiming he is the reason he joined the army. He tries to make it up to his father, “If you [Cal] want to give me a present, give me a good life. That’s something I can value” (Steinbeck 582). By denying and gifts asking this you can see just how selfish Adam has been and how unwilling he is to accept Cal since the very beginning. Fathers are supposed to be a role model to boys and both these father just bred
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