Theme Of Lies In Huckleberry Finn

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Mark Twain’s The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, is the story about a boy who is running away from for society and from his dad. Along the way he finds Jim, Miss Watson’s, the woman who adopted him, slave. Huck finds encounters several predicaments in which he must lie to get out of them. His lies are always different, and for different purposes. One of Huck Finn’s major lies, is the one that set the stage for this story of adventure. After living with Ms. Watson, he goes on and lives with his dad but does not like the way he is treated, so he decides to run away. He doesn’t want to be “sivilized” and he does not want to hit by his “Pap.”Huck creates a plan that will lead people to believe that he is dead so if he runs away no one would suspect that and won’t look for him and sure enough. According to everyone he had been killed either by Jim or by his dad.…show more content…
This lie however did not last very long for the woman that he visited quickly discovered that Huck was a boy then Huck proceeded into telling another lie. Although he did get a fair amount of information about what people were saying in town and he found out that the community was looking for Jim and claim a generous reward. One lie that Huck truly regretted was when he lied to Jim. After Huck and Jim had been separated by the fog, Huck found Jim sleeping on shore. When Jim woke up, Huck Finn tricked Jim into believing that everything had been a lie; the accident, the fog everything. Jim was very upset when he found out about this because he thought Huck, whom he considered his only true friend, had died. After seeing Jim’s reaction Huck felt guilty about what he had done. He knew that he had done wrong and apologized to Jim. This was the last time Huck ever liked to Jim like
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