The Cause and Effect of Fast Food Essay

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Darryl Moore Mr. Garner English 1101 June 25, 2013 The Cause and Effect of Fast Food It’s Thursday evening. Jennifer rushes to pick up her 2 children from the after school program at their school. Collin is 5 and Sandra is 8. Jennifer hurriedly parks the car and runs into the building. She knows that if she arrives after 6:00 pm, she will be charged $1.00 a minute for each of them. It is currently 5:57 pm. She makes it to the sign-out desk just in time. The children are excited to see her and are full of energy. They run to the car ahead of Jennifer and begin to exclaim, “I’m hungry! Can we stop at McDonald’s? Pleeeease???” Mommy, can we get the new Happy Meal, too?” Jennifer is mentally tired and physically exhausted from her long day. She doesn’t really want to go to McDonald’s again. (It would be the 3rd time this week.) However, it is now 6:30. There isn’t any time to go home and cook dinner. The children’s bedtime is 8:30. Jennifer takes a deep breath and pulls into the McDonald’s drive-thru lane. This scene is played out over and over again all over the country. Fast food has become one of the most common options for the family diet. The traditional family dinner is increasingly being replaced by eating “on the run” at various locations throughout the day (Jaworowska, Blackham, Davies and Stevenson, 1). It is convenient. It is cheap. However, is it doing the family any good? What is happening with today’s society where it is more common to eat a fast food meal instead of a home cooked meal? Also, what effect is it having on the population? There are many different factors that have caused the rise in fast food consumption. Today’s society is busier than ever. Employers are expecting their workers to do more, stay connected and produce at all hours. Also, children are involved in more activities than they have been in the past. Little league,

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