The Case for Girls

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The Case for Girls In Anya Kamenetz’s The Case for Girls, she identifies the increase of male to female ratio, and tries to show that we can change society’s view of a preference for males over females. She tries to inform and persuade the reader on why sex-preference is a step back for society. Kamenetz sees this as an opportunity in some way to help influence the people of the world that men and women are equal and capable of the same things. She believes that if the advertisements can work nation-wide, they can also work at a global level as well. Kamenetz uses pathos, ethos, and logos to show that if we invest the time and money, we can change society’s view of the preference for baby boys over baby girls on a global, rather than just a national level. Anya Kamenetz uses emotion to make the reader feel the impact of what she is trying to say in the essay. The pathos appeal really does make the reader want to continue reading, because you know that she feels that change needs to be made and is not afraid to voice her opinion. When she writes, “Women excel in education…we are 56% of undergraduates in the US and approaching parity in India and China.”(Kamenetz, 2013, p. 385), the use of the word “we” makes the reader feel more in touch with the author, and gives a better mood to the essay itself. Instead of just using the word women, she uses “we” because she wants the reader to feel that she and the audience is a part of this statistic too. I think Kamenetz is trying to reach a very broad audience, rather than target any certain audience. She, in a way, is targeting men of all ages. I think that showing men that people are equal regardless of sex is the most important in this case, and she realizes this as well. She does a great job of relating to all audiences, to see her possible solution to the rising issues occurring. The pathos appeal was definitely an
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