Women Voice Speech

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Women voice Speech transcript Good morning ladies and gentlemen, Being a woman in the society which men seems to have more advantages, and even though it has been a long history of feminism movement, today we can still see that women do not get the equal opportunities as men do. That is why it is very important to keep challenging the society on stereotype about women. Part of this is educating the young generation about what it is really like to be a woman and inspiring them to speak up about this issue. Today I am going to suggest the three very useful and effective texts to be included in a new resource titled Women voice which is going to be used by senior students. First of all, the text I have chosen is the speech by Shirley Chiholm “Equal rights for Women” which was addressed to the United States House Of Representatives in 1969. In this speech, the composer presents the viewpoint of prejudice which women was experiencing at that time. She is an excellent example of a woman who speaks up and challenges the authority about women’s issues. In her speech, Shirley states the disadvantage of being discriminated because they are women; “they are too emotional”; and the “unspoken assumption is that women are different”. She questions people to think about the existence of discrimination in our society what sometimes is lured that: “women are already equal”. Also, she demands the government about the laws to protect not only women but those working people who do not get the chance to speak up. With the purpose of informing the audience, the composer uses statistics what add to the factuality and authenticity of the text. The second text I want to recommend is “In my own words”, a beautiful article about one of the greatest women in Australia, Ruby Hunter, an Aboriginal singer, songwriter whose music dealt with her personal history, Indigenous
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