The Boxer Rebellion: Annexation Of The Philippines

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One consequence general Weyler’s policy in Cuba was that It ended the Cuban rebellion For many political and religious leaders, expansionism would mean the triumph of American civilization around the globe. At the outset of the Spanish-American war, the American army was composed of soldiers well-trained in quelling native American uprising. To the publishers of yellow journalism, sensational news articles would increase sales Josiah strong fostered the concept of the righteousness of American expansion The author of the open door notes was John Hay Which one of the following individuals did NOT contribute to the idea that white, Christian people were superior to other peoples around the world? WILLIAM SEWARD Why did American interest…show more content…
The Philippines The leader of the Filipino resistance movement against the U.S. Occupation in the Philippines was Emilio Aguinaldo The Boxer rebellion took place in China According to the supreme court, congress should determine the rights of US possessions Which of the following individuals favored the annexation of the Philippines? William McKinley Which of the following was NOT an argument opposing annexation of the Philippines? The natives could not be Christianized In which of the following territories did the native inhabitants receive United States citizenship in 1900? Hawaii Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Guam, and the Philippines were all Spanish colonies before the Spanish American war. TRUE Which of the following observations would most closely and accurately describe the viewpoint of the artist who drew the cartoon shown above? President McKinley should turn his attention from foreign adventures and imperialism to much more important and pressing issues at home Why was American expansion of the 1890’s different from earlier expansionist moves? It would create economic and military colonies
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