Negative Effects Of American Imperialism

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Daima Soé Rosado December 18, 2012 Period: 6 Imperialism: The powerful looking for the weak. Many countries and islands would not be what they are now without imperialism. Imperialism is when a strong country takes over a country that is not strong enough to defend itself. Imperialism was very important and helped countries such as Guam, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, and the Philippines. Imperialism was used back in 1850-1914 by the Spaniards to become more powerful than they were. As the United States saw that Spain was becoming stronger than them, they reacted. That was the beginning of imperialism for the United States and this made islands such as Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and other become part of the United States. Countries disagreed with the Spanish agenda. One of the countries affected was the Philippines. The United States told the Philippines that if they become an empire of the United States they shall be an independent country at some point. The Filipinos acknowledged that the United States was not treating them nicely either, which can be showed in a picture showing eight smiling American soldiers, and in the background a sad Filipino. (U.S & The Philippines picture, 11/27/2012)…show more content…
(The United States Looks to Emerge As a World Power, 11/13/2012) Sadly, this lead to the Philippine-American War and the Filipinos lost the war and many lives. (The Philippine American War, 11/27/2012) Now they are and independent country. The Philippines was not the only ones affected. Puerto Rico and Guam were hurt then healed. They both were under the Spanish control but the United States caused the Spanish American War and won. Puerto Rico and Guam were made territories and are protected. (Closing Questions, Question #3,
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