Settlement of the British 13 Colonies Essay

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Settlement of the British 13 Colonies Did economic or religious concerns have more to do with the settling of the 13 colonies during the 1500s-1700s? Although the creation of British North America was tempted by religious tolerance and persecution, economic worries of high unemployment, the rise of Spain, and over-population played a more important role in the settlement of North American colonies. In this brief discussion these 3 reasons will be defined in why this is so. One reason that sparked the need for a change was the high unemployment rate in Spain. The people were desperate for jobs because of the world depression that had occurred. Plus the people were mainly farmers and were tied to the land. Money was poured into churches and monasteries rather than developing sustainable business or agriculture. Jobs were scarce, and it was very hard to make a living and support families. This caused the people to flock to America and seek new job opportunities. Another reason was over-population in the cities. The overcrowding of tens and thousands of people in one town in filthy conditions caused a book of problems. The bubonic plague was one, which brought one example of many economic declines, in the production of food and imports and widespread of malnutrition. Other problems included higher prices, lower purchasing power, and years of poor harvest. This ultimately played a role in the settlement of North America. Spain was also very competitive toward other countries. Keeping up with other countries was one of their main priorities in running a successful nation. Spain wanted to be the most powerful country in the world. Christopher Columbus’ expedition to the Americas in 1492 was fuled on his hunger for gold to bring back to his country. The Rise of Spain also contributed to settlement of the colonies. The need for expansion of

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