American Imperialism Dbq

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Jose Gomez 2/2/13 AP US History American Imperialism In 1890, the United States declared war on the Spanish in which was the beginning of not only the Spanish-American War, but also the age of modern American imperialism. The Spanish American war was a quick and easy victory over the Spanish, due to Americas newly established navy superpower. After the victory, the United States had to decide what they would do with the gained territories. The United States decided to annex Puerto Rico and Hawaii, gave Cuba their independence, and assisted the Philippines until they too would be suitable to hold their own independence. The United States then purchased Alaska and imperialized other Pacific islands such as the islands of Samoa and Atlantic island such as Guam. In my opinion American imperialism was proper but not legitimate. In order for the United States to grow as an empire it must secure points of interest such as Atlantic and Pacific Islands, for naval bases and market enterprises. The tactics in which were used towards the citizens of those islands were not legitimate. The United States forcefully omitted their foreign rights and enforced American values upon the islanders. The United States successfully imperialized foreign islands without consequence due to the American public’s ideals of religion, manifest destiny, and American values. The American imperialism of both Pacific and Atlantic islands was favored by a majority of the American public because of their shared religion of Christianity. The American public believed it was God’s will that the United States shall become a superpower to spread the word of Jesus Christ. According to Reverend Josiah Strong, a prominent Protestant clergyman,” It seems to me that God, with infinite wisdom and skill, is training the Anglo-Saxon race, the purest Christianity, the highest civilization in which will
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