How Did Japan Attack America

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Ms. Maria Hernandez Professor Dr. Botson History 1302 MF 10:00 AM -12:00 PM The reasons Japan attacked the US was for the access to natural resources such as oil, rubber, coal rice and tin through Southeast Asia. This also was a preventive action which kept the US Pacific Fleet ships from interfering with military actions. In addition, Japan and US had tensions and hostility since the 1920s and with the attacks on the USS Panay and the Nanking Massacre the Americans’ public opinion turn against Japan resulting in a Western fear of Japanese expansion. Furthermore, Japan invaded Indochina in 1940 leading US to stop shipments of airplanes, parts, machine tools and gasoline therefore Japan interpreted as an unfriendly act.…show more content…
The main specific objectives of the Japanese aim at attacking the US were to destroy the US Pacific Fleet which prevent them from interfering when Japan conquered Dutch East Indies and Malaya, take all Asia’s land back because US could not detain Japan from doing so, fortify Japan against US counter attack, negotiate peace treaty with US from position of strength in 1 year with continued cost of US human lives with Japan and in 6 months be conquered and to deiver a major blow to American morale ultimately discouraging US from entering war. Japan’s hope of achievement and how was the oil embargo signed by President Roosevelt which crippled Japanese expansionist drives severely and 9/10th of oil source was cut off by the US. The Japanese Empire’s control of the Pacific would force US to establish favorable terms in resuming oil imports thus a decision to handle this manner was annihilate American’s military
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