Compare And Contrast Why We Fight

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Why We Fight On December 7, 1941, the Japanese attacked upon American naval forces and air defenses at Pearl Harbor. This event gave Franklin Roosevelt the justification he needed to enter the United States in World War II. Other than that there were additional motivations for America’s entrance into the war. In 1931 Japanese invaded Manchuria. American had good relations with China so they told Japan if they don’t leave they will stop trading oil with them. They didn’t leave so we kept our promise with the oil trading halt. Eventually, Japan was forced out of China with an established grudge against America hence the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Before the attack on Pearl Harbor, even though America was neutral in the war, they were already somewhat involved in the war because they were supplying British and French allies with war supplies and materials under the Lend Lease Act. Britain and France were having problems with the axis powers Germany, Italy, and…show more content…
Even though during both wars some of the ways the propaganda was distributed were different, it all tried to set out the same message. The government wanted the people to know only what they wanted them to know. During both wars propaganda tried to influence and maintain the public's attitudes and enthusiasm toward the war and gain the public's support. Both wars used newspapers and posters to dehumanize the axis powers and to turn the Americans against them. In both wars, propaganda was successful. In the end the people agreed that entering the wars was something that needed to be done. Propaganda campaigns in each war were successful. In World War I propaganda did a good job in keeping only the information that that government wanted the people to know what they knew to keep their support. In World War II propaganda was successful in getting the majority of the public's consent to enter the
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