Usa Involvement in Korean War

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How far was the Korean war a political and military success for the USA? USA’s involvement in within Korea did have both successes and failures but in the end they agreed upon a cease fire so they didn’t win or lose and Korea stayed separate as north and south. The military successes for the USA during the Korean War were high in the rankings. Macarthur masterminded the Inchon Landings which was seen to be virtually impossible as the harbour was easy to defend. But on September the 15th 1950, the US troops recaptured Seoul (SK Capital) and broke out of Pusan. North Korea had no other option than to flee north across the 38th parallel. This was a great success as the UN forces (90% US) pushed the communist forces back so they were not capturing South Korea therefore containment had been achieved. In March 1951, after the Chinese forces captured Seoul, US troops recovered Seoul and pushed the communists back again to the 38th parallel. This is known as Ridgeways revival as he got the UN forces back in the war and stalemate for the rest of the war. This was a success as the Chinese attack overwhelmed the US/UN forces meaning they had to retreat, but Ridgeway got them back into the war. The main military failure was Macarthur Provoking the Chinese. As he ordered the troops to push further north towards the Yalu River, China saw this as the beginning of an attack on them so they intervened. Not only for this reason did China attack the US, but also Mao Zedong wanted to strengthen his position in china and thought attacking the US would do so. This was a huge failure as it made the opposition stronger as they had China now to deal with as well as North Korea and the USSR pushing the NK’s to carry on the war. This failure made the US retreat. The Korean War has political successes within it for the US. The fact that they stopped North Korea and Kim Il Sung from
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