How Successful Was the Nationalist Party in Tackling China’s Domestic Problems?

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It should be recognised that before Chiang became ruler, there were many domestic problems which overshadowed China which created an unstable society. China was in desperate need for reform, democracy and strong leadership after the torment of the warlord era. China’s most major domestic problem was undoubtedly the warlords which had shattered and fragmented China and had led to political unrest. Chiang was able to launch an offensive called the Northern Expedition to remove the warlords and their hold over China with an alliance with the CCP. This had a massive impact on the country as it had successfully stopped civil and political unrest which had previously been threating the harmony of the country. As it had been seen as a progressive force on behalf of ordinary people it received strong support from peasants and workers alike throughout the country. It also proved to the country that Chiang was an able diplomat resulting in higher public support. Nevertheless they were unsuccessful in entirely removing the warlords which meant there was always a constant threat of the warlords reforming and taking power once more. Although there failure of completely vanquishing the warlords there can be little doubt that Chiang was fairly successful in solving this domestic problem and the effects it would have on the country as it is probably that without him stabilising the political and social unrest civil war would have broken out in the country much early than it did. The GMD was able to successfully implement new and improved transport links throughout the country. The three thousand mile railway track connected North and South which helped Chiang to begin re-unifying the country and the people. However there can be little doubt that the transport was created for sole purpose of the urban rich who were the majority of his supporters and it only aided them to become
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