How Far Do You Agree That Trotsky’s Leadership of Red Army Was Responsible for Survival of the Bolshevik Government?

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How far do you agree that Trotsky’s leadership of red army was responsible for survival of the Bolshevik government? The Bolsheviks had some control of Russia, when tsar had been abdicated and when the provisional government was in charge for a short period. The Bolsheviks had then taking control of Russia from the Provisional Government, the Bolsheviks' next aim was to maintain their weak hold on the reins of power. But the only way Bolsheviks were to be in full power was to win the civil war in 1918 against the white army. Who were also looking to become in power. Trotsky was the main reason the Bolsheviks had survived as the Bolsheviks government due to Trotsky being the commander for the red army. He also had support from Lenin who was leading the red army with total discipline; those who were willing to fight were promoted and those who turned out to be cowards were exiled. Trotsky and Lenin were both smart during the civil war as they had a upper hand with resources as they were closer to them as their opposition were so far away. This was an advantage for the red army as it was easy to communicate which helped them in the battle fields and be much easier to be successful in the war without communication they weren’t able to come up with tactics and plan how they would attack the whites, also railway support would bring the army weapons and food supplies very quickly. But the disadvantage to the red army was they didn’t have many men fighting for them. Another Red army advantages during the war was Ruthlessness. Lenin's leadership, the Bolsheviks showed a load of ruthlessness making sure that don’t face rebellion and revolt in the areas they controlled like Petrograd and Moscow, Bolsheviks were smart to close newspapers which were against them so the public won’t go against them, also the Bolsheviks created a secret police which were called the Chaka’s,
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