How Far Was the Korean War a Military and Political Success for the Usa?

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How far was the Korean War a military and political success for the USA? The Korean War was an arena of war between the US and the USSR, the extent to which it was a militant success and a political success was minimal. The outcome of the war produced more military success, than political success, the most important reason being that the US was not able to achieve their target of containment of Communism, and hence, could not unify Korea under a capitalist rule. The USA’s military objective was to prevent the DPNK (North Korea) from invading and taking over ROK (South Korea). It can be said that there was significant military success due to the several militant achievements, for example; the US was able to restore ROK to its former state, prior to the invasion by the DPNK. However, this was only achieved through the use of a large scale American force (300,000 + troops), along with the enlistment of 14 other nations. Through this the famous Incheon Landing was able to take place, whereby, the US reclaimed ROK from DPNK, as well as capturing Pyongyang. This was successful militarily, because it meant that the US was able to push back the North and prevent the South from being taken under a Communist rule. The Incheon Landing was hugely significant, because it showed that even though General MacArthur faced many risks, due to the geographical nature of the task, by successfully reclaiming the area, he was able to show that US was indeed a powerful force in terms of its military feats. Another event that shows the US military success is when UN/US forces held the Chinese advances and prevented them from over-running the South. The significance of this is that through careful and tactical alliances, the US was able to prevent one of the main sources of threat from attacking ROK, and therefore, restricting the North from gaining control of the South. However,
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