China Was To Blame For Longing The Korean War Essay

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Use your own knowledge to assess how far the Sources support the interpretation that China was to blame for prolonging the Korean War. Taking all sources into account it is clear there are multiple factors that are to blame for prolonging the Korean War. The sources that support the interpretation that China was the main factor causing prolonging are sources A and B, the sources that go against the interpretation to blame other factors are sources C, E and D. After reading all sources there seems to be two main factors to consider in this question , the first being that China was to blame for the overall prolonging of the war, or if it what the actions of General Douglas MacArthur, both of which are intrinsically linked. Source A is a telegram from MacArthur to the Joint Chiefs of…show more content…
MacArthur does mention his own over confidence that led to him continually advance closer to the Yalu River provoking a large scale attack from the Chinese. The success of the Inchon landings marked a turning point in the war, the aim changed from containing communism to rolling it back it also marked a large boost in morale during the war. Although MacArthur was working from intelligence suggesting that neither the Chinese nor the Soviets would get involved, he should have been more careful to not provoke the Chinese and should have taken their first attack as a warning. MacArthur also mentions the new aim of Chinese at the end of the source, he claims that their ultimate goal was to completely destroy all UN forces in Korea which is quite accurate; the Chinese pushed US forces all the way back behind the 38th parallel and retook the capital city Seoul. These actions by without a doubt prolonged the war and caused the US to change its goal back to the original aim to maintain the 38th parallel, however was this due to MacArthur’s reckless actions or China’s
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