How Far Do You Agree That the Usa Intervened in Korea to Protect Its Interests in Japan?

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How far do you agree that the USA intervened in Korea to protect its interests in Japan? The Korean War was fought on the Korean Peninsula from June 1950 to July 1953. It started as a civil war between South Korea and North Korea after they claimed each other’s territory in 1948. The situation quickly escalated into a war involving the superpowers such as the USA (who defended South Korea) and China and the Soviet Union (who defended North Korea). Korea became divided along the 38th parallel after Japan was defeated in World War 2 and from 1948-50, there were armed clashes along this border. The division was supposed to be temporary; with Kim Il Sung occupying the North and Syngman Rhee occupying the South. The USA had interests in Japan after Japan was defeated by them in World War 2. Therefore, the USA had to get involved in the Korea to defend these interests. The USA was occupying Japan before the Korean War started and the original aim was to make Japan pay for the damage done in World War 2. However, if Japan was rebuilt then it would be a good trading partner for the USA. Korea had threatened Japan in the past and the USA saw a communist Korea as a dagger pointed at the heart of Japan. A communist Korea would threaten Japanese and American interests as Japan is a western style democracy, as well as a cold war ally to the USA. However, the reasons for US involvement in Korea can’t be explained simply by their interests in Japan. The USA was anti-appeasement as appeasement had failed in the past and they had learnt their lesson from World War 2. Kim in North Korea reminded the USA of Hitler, as Hitler could never be appeased and invaded anyway, just like Kim did when North Korea attacked the South. Also, Containment was part of US foreign policy in 1950, where Communism had to be contained to stop it spreading. This was similar to the Domino Theory

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