The Best Place to Launch a Career

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Laura MGMT 1105- Organizational Behavior February 26, 2012 The Best Place to Launch a Career Q: This case study describes several different strategies for attracting and retaining new employees. On the basis of the four drives described in four drive theory and the needs listed in Maslow’s needs hierarchy, identify the drives and needs associated with each of these initiatives. Which needs or drives seem to dominate in this article? A: Maslow’s needs hierarchy theory states that the lowest needs are initially the most important, and then the higher become more important as the lower ones are satisfied. In this case, there are different strategies fro attracting and retaining employees. Achieve, comprehend, esteem and self-actualization are the needs and drives that dominate the most in the article. Some companies provide grow opportunities within the company such as training, so they can get better knowledge and be recognized and promoted. It is recommended from the four-drive theory that any job and/or workplace provide balanced opportunity to fulfill the four drives. Q: If Claire Pignataro and some other recruits earn less pay than people in other industries, to what extent would the attraction and retention initiatives described in this case study reduce feelings of inequity? A: Claire Pignataro, she got a job that stimulated her to grow, they offered her a training program letting her does different activities. Then she got a promotion as an event planner at the Bridgewater property because Marriot knew she wanted to be a wedding planner. People develop feelings of equity or inequity by comparing their own outcome/input ratio with others. But people like Claire Pignataro, reduce feelings of inequity because they can reach personal achievements, they are also recognized by the company and get to be
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