Rick Lester Case

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1. Should Rick Lester “turn in his keys”? After working alone on the job for only a week, Rick Lester should not quit his job as a new salesman. If he gives up on this job that he was originally very excited for, than what is to stop him from quitting other jobs in the future just as easily. Being a salesman is challenging work and Rick is new to the job, however through hard work and practice he will develop selling skills and characteristics that will help him overcome these challenges. This will also make Rick a better person to his family and salesperson to Nabisco. 2. How should Mr. Brown handle this situation? What should he say to Rick? Mr. Brown has always been someone that Rick looked up to; therefore he should be the one to inspire Rick not to give up. He should encourage Rick with positive statements of reinforcement focusing on his strengths and explaining why he hired him. He can mentor Rick by teaching him some basic skills of the trade through explaining his experiences and lessons learned on the job. He should also relate these lessons to creating harmony within the job, customers, and family life. 3.…show more content…
How can firms reduce high turnover among new sales personnel? Firms can reduce high turnover among new sales personnel by providing better orientation and training. Adjusting and becoming familiar with a company can always be a test for newcomers. Companies that are aware of this and try to welcome and provide assistance result in a lower turnover. Experienced employees should be willing to help novice employees. Firms can also screen for person organization fit by matching new sales personnel with the job that is most appropriate for them and offering opportunities for
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