The Benefits of Using Social Media to Market Products

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Joshua Dickerson Ms. Randall ENG090/007 10September2012 The Benefits of Using Social Media to Market Products Imagine twenty years ago, before Myspace, Facebook, and Twitter. How were companies able to communicate messages to their customers and clients? It was difficult to get your business’s message to your target group. Companies had to rely on television, snail mail, pop-up advertisements, and magazines. Now social media has provided companies the ability to communicate with their targeted group with the click of a mouse. To comprehend the use of social media to market products, you need to be familiar with three major areas; the tools used to market, how to determine the best tools for your plan, and how important writing out a business plan is. How can Facebook be used to distribute messages to consumers and clients? Media tools like Facebook can be used to send messages, promotions, special offers, and even coupons to consumers who “like” the page. With Facebook, companies have the ability to send messages to their targeted group by entering different demographics such as zip code, what they are looking for, age group, interests and more. Corporations such as Discount Motors and East Coast Pizza have opened Facebook accounts in order to communicate and offer special discounts to the consumers who follow their pages. Discount Motors and East Coast Pizza have shown a dramatic increase in sales since they have started using Facebook to advertise and relate to their customers. Twitter is a good way to market products as well, but it differs from Facebook. Twitter is where many organizations post messages or promotions to get feedback from the people who follow their page. Twitter has lost popularity recently as it seems to be more complicated to access and to follow a person or organization. Unlike Facebook, Twitter is good for posting

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