Pro’s and Con’s of a Google Facebook Merger

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How would a merger benefit Facebook? This merger could improve facebooks presence online by catering to a larger community of users. A Google /Facebook marketing strategy could mean millions of dollars in revenue. Following Googles blueprinted marketing plans and insight could be conclusively advantageous for the company. Google currently possesses a plethora of communication, and exploration tools which could further empower that of facebooks capabilities with this merger. By placing the power of each of these online tools in Smartphone’s, mobile software, and advertising, Google has the opportunity to potentially aid in future inevitable tech wars by this acquisition. Thus, transporting facebook to a place that was in other words, deniable, ten years ago. How would a merger benefit Google? Facebook has become a portal that has pulled all ages and races of users together in one place. A task that yahoo was never capable of completing. Facebook runs over 15,000 applications on its site. Some generate little revenue but others acquire over $25,000 in revenue. I believe the strong hold facebook has over its users is an unexplored phenomena in terms of Googles grasp on the public. This one aspect of the facebook’s company could be capitalized by Google and transform a social networking company into one of the Industries giants. I don’t know if the underlying accusations of monopolization would set well with the AEC but it sure would for the parties of the merger. How would it benefit the singular organization that they would create? If Google and facebook did merge it wouldn’t necessarily be a merger of equals considering that Googles stock price is $531.4 and facebook has not even established an IPO at this day in time. The merger of facebook by Google could be the fuel to fire Google needs to properly equip itself for the first

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