The Army Values Essay

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In the Soldiers Creed the Army Values are also mentioned. In the Army we are molded around seven Army Values that make us the Soldiers that we are. These seven Army Values are; Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity, and Personal Courage. These seven Values define who we are as Soldiers. Some have them, and some do not. The Soldiers that do not live by the Army Values will not make it far in the Army. You must adhere to the Army Values at all times in order to have successful career in the United States Army. The first Army Value I would like to talk about is Integrity. To me this value is the most important. I have learned firsthand that you must have integrity at all times no matter what the situation is. Integrity is defined as moral soundness; honesty; freedom from corrupting influence or motive; - used especially with reference to the fulfillment of contracts, the discharge of agencies, trusts, and the like; uprightness; rectitude. Integrity defines who you are and your character as a human being as well as a Soldier. Integrity is very important at all times; I have learned this the hard way. I jeopardized my integrity for something I thought was the easy way out. I have learned that when you think it is the easy way it just causes more problems in the long run because you constantly have to try and hide what you have done, and you eventually always get caught. A wise man has always told me that you can never give just a piece of your integrity away. It is either all or nothing, and one you give up your integrity you may never get it back. These words are the truest I have ever heard. One selfish act of wrong made all good I have ever done be questioned and disappeared like I had never accomplished them. I once read an article by Joe Love that sums up integrity the best. His article reads as follows: “The single most important

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