The Armenian Genocide Essay

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The Ottoman Empire ruled by Turkish government who conquered countries in West Asia, North Africa, and Southeast Europe. Armenia was one of the countries in occupation of the Turks(Ottoman Empire). The Armenians were considered as the minority and lived as second class citizens because the Armenians don’t share the same values or have the same beliefs. The Turks’ dominant religion is Islam and others religions such Christianity and Judaism were considered as minority religions under the Millet system. Minority religious communities were allowed to maintain their religious, social and legal structures, but were often subject to extra taxes or other measures and being discriminated against. As non-Muslims, they were subject to some legal restrictions and be denied participation in their government. The Ottoman Empire was a powerful state from the sixteenth century until the…show more content…
It mentioned that, the Armenian Genocide was the first genocide of the 20th century. Adolf Hitler was a dictator who began conquering most of Europe in World War II. His tactics were brutal and he had vision of a better society, a society he wanted and so he started his own genocidal policies on the Jews, Gypsies, and other social or racial undesirables. Especially the Jewish Holocaust was almost the same as the Armenian Genocide. Although, during Hitler’s region was far worse because not just the Jews but many other non-Jews were killed. Either resistance, crimes, or were deemed inferior to Hitler’s standards were dealt with. Both the Germans and the Turks believed that the national minorities were a threat to empires of a dominant ethnic group. Even though, if the Armenian Genocide did not inspired Hitler’s tactics but the facts are there the these events did happened and had the same goals and objectives in terms of making a nation stronger or have vision of a better society and be drunk with

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