Hitler's Rise to Power Essay

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A historical event would be Hitler’s rise to power. The three mains causes the treaty of Versailles, the failures of the Weimar democracy and the economic situation all contributed to Hitler’s rule. There were many consequences from Hitler’s rule, the main consequences were the effects on groups of people, Hitler’s growing power and anti-Semitism. A major cause that resulted in Hitler’s growing power was the treaty of Versailles. The 1919 treaty of Versailles required Germany to pay war reperation to France. These reperations made the people of Germany angry at the treaty and Hitler was able to manipulate and use this by promising not to pay them thereby gaining popularity. Another factor of the treaty of Versailles is the war guilt cause. This required Germany to take full responsibility for world war 1. Hitler instead blamed many others, mainly the Wemiar and the Jews, this also gained popularity with the people of Germany. The treaty of Versailles also stipulated that Germany must demiliterize, resulting in alot of soliders without jobs. With large unemployment people are more likely to take more radical views as they get more desperate, Hitler used this to his advantage. The treaty of Versailles was a major cause to Hitlers rise to power. Another major cause that resulted in Hitlers rise to power was the Weimar democracy. The Weimar democracy had failings, one of these were article 48. This allowed the president (who was Hidenburg) to take control of the government in emergencies, this essentially meant that the president could become a dictator. Between 1930-1933 when Hidenburg enacted article 48 and continually changed chancellors, Bruening in 1930, Schleicher in 1932, Von Papen in 1932, Hitler in 1930, this resulted in him looking alot like a dictator and the old veigm which is not what most of the working class people in Germany wanted. Hitler used these

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