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Task 1: Principles of Marketing: Introduction: Tesco was established by a man called Jack Cohen. Jack Cohen was 21 years of age when he invested 30 pounds in a small stall selling foods. On the first day he had a turnover of “four pounds”, and a profit of “one pound” gradually his business started to grow and he expanded to other markets all over London. The first product that Jack Cohen introduced on the market was “Tesco tea”. The name Tesco came from the initials of Mr T.E. Stockwell and Jack Cohen. Mr T.E. Stockwell was the person who supplied Jack with tea. Over the years Tesco has expanded vastly and have become one of the best supermarkets today. Tesco sells a variety of different products and services such as; House hold accessories, televisions, clothes, jewellery, loans, car insurance and mobile phones. Tesco operate in the tertiary sector as they sell goods to the public, however Tesco do make their own bread. Tesco is a large public limited company (PLC), which has gained a reputation of being of the leading supermarkets in the U.K. Tesco, is owned by shareholders. Shareholders provide finance by buying new shares and they expect to benefit by sharing in the profits. Shareholders own shares in public limited companies and are entitled to receive dividends on their shares each year. Generally, shareholders aims are to invest money into a company with the hope of a rise in the share prices and a good return on their investment. However it should be remembered that share prices go down as up! Also shareholders tend to sell their shares once they have made their profits. Tesco sells everything under one roof. This is beneficial for Tesco and the customer as it is time consuming and efficient. If Tesco provide everything under one roof customers could purchase all their goods at once and therefore would save a lot of time and hassle, as a

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