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Brazo 1. Is Cheddar’s an attractive investment? Did Brazos underpay, overpay or get it just right in their initial investment? The proposed LBO deal of Cheddar’s is an attractive investment for Brazos because it fits into Brazos’ “sweet spot”- a reasonable priced company with solid cash flow and good management. Cheddar’s had always been profitable through that it had ever closed a company-owned store and had shown steady increases in sales and customer counts over time. Also it has a source of income from its franchise stores which could grow at a faster rate. Cheddars’ estimated EBITDA was $12.0 million in 2003 and it had a projected EBITDA of $18.9 million in 2007. Cheddar’s also had an average EBITDAR of $1,027k which was much higher than its competitor Chili’s which was $723k. At the purchase price of $60.5 million, we can also confirm that the Market Value/EBITDA (5.4) of Cheddars’ is higher than its competitor’s (2.6) when we compare multiple ratios, which means Cheddar’s is overvalued. 2. What are your major concerns with the proposed deal? Should Brazos allow the company to sell the managers some stock? Is the real estate subsidiary a good idea? If the managers buy more stock, what is the appropriate price? There are two major concerns which are gaining competitive advantage and determining comparable valuations. Brazos should allow the company to sell the managers some stock of the business to benefit the managers. But the amount that a manager can hold stocks should be limited because the ownership would be split in this way as it is not good for Brazos itself to decrease its ownership. The real estate subsidiary is a good idea that Brazos could purchase it as an asset and they can still control the operation and employees. Since Brazos can not only buy tangible assets but also intangibles asset which is Goodwill $34.7 million. Brazos

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