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Tesco – Company profiles Tesco was founded in 1919, of Jacob Edward Cohen, commonly known as Jack Cohen. He began to sell grocery from a little stall on a local market. And it became bigger and bigger. The first Tesco store was opened in 1929. Through the years, Tesco became bigger and bigger, and in the 1960s Tesco owned more than 800 stores. Tesco has developed from a minor discount supermarket into a giant retailer . In 1994; Tesco bought the supermarket chain, William Low, which operated 57 stores. It were the beginning of expand their market to Scotland. Tesco continued to buying up different firms, as Associated British Food. Tesco plays a big role in British and global economy. That is because they are so big; it is like the Danish firm MÆRSK which plays an enormous role in the Danish economy. Talking about British economy, it is one of the best economies in Europe. They aren’t a manufacturing driven economy anymore. They are involving to a service and knowledgedriven economy In Thailand were Tesco a joint-venture of the Charoen Pokphand Group. A Joint venture is a business agreement in which parties agree to develop, for a finite time. In 2006 Tesco made about 256 £ billion of sales, that is more than the combined economies of Denmark and Por tugal. Pretty impressive don’t you think? One of their successes is that they have late open, and a lot of already made dishes. It is perfect if you had a Long day of work, and just want some quick and easy food. There are some different types of Tesco. And I will describe them: Tesco Extra: Tesco Extra is bigger than the normal Tesco’s. They are located in inner-city locations or in the mall. Tesco Superstores: Are normal large stores, with much smaller range of non-food goods than the Extra stores. Liverpool was the first city to introduce the Tesco Superstore. Tesco Metro: The first Tesco

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