Terror at the Taj

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Prepared by: Michael L. Ceitlin Terror at the Taj Mahal - Mumbai HBS WPO/CEO Program Jan-2014 1. How do you explain the reactions of Taj Bombay hotel employees to guests during the 26/11 crisis? ¡ The reactions of the staff at the Taj can only be explained by e deep engrained culture that has been passed on by example. ¡ This was not a situation where lip service would do the job. It took believing in the staff's duties to serve the guests that ultimately led them to protect the guests. ¡ This could only be passed on by staff that has been praised for their examples, that could act as role models of the desired behavior towards the client 2. Could this employee response have occurred at another hotel in Mumbai; in another hospitality industry setting; or in an organization you have worked in? Well, the response could have happened anywhere in the hospitality industry as long as the proper values had been communicated AND practiced! 3. How can leaders develop customer-centric organizations? 4. How can a brand recover from such a crisis? What would you do to recover from being the living image of the terrorist attack as Ratan Tata describes it? Is it even possible? 3. How can leaders develop customer-centric organizations? ¡ Customer centric organizations must be developed along values, principles and practices. Only practicing the core values in the day to day operations will allow employees to observe and absorb the expected behavior, ¡ Of course, there are major components to that challenge. ¡ Defining what kind of person one wants to hire? What type of personality? ¡ Retention: How to maintain young personnel interested in staying in a customer centric organization ¡ Promotion and Recognition. The challenge of identifying the stars that capture the essence of the values and place them in key positions to perpetuate the pattern
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