Ldr/531 Week 5 Motivation Plan

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Motivation Plan Deborah S. Glispie LDR/531 6/09/2014 Brandon Johnson Motivation Plan Motivation is a key factor necessary to maximize team productivity and efficiency. The success of a motivated team is dependent on how well individual team members are motivated and the blending of their personalities. The application of each team members DISC assessment provides management with reliable data that is necessary for creating, developing, and motivating a team. The DISC assessment evaluation of each member of Team B provides a structured platform to develop a motivational plan that will meet the demands necessary to manage different personality styles in the work environment. The motivation plan is specifically designed for the Employment Verification Division (EVD). The employees are Angela, Deborah, Susan, and Julian. Team B is composed of one interactive style, one interactive cautious style, one interactive dominate style, and one steadiness dominate style. The team DISC assessment does not have a true dominate style; however the motivational plan created ensures the capture of each unique personality and identifies the style that works well in a group work environment. The primary focus of the team is to improve "interdependency among tasks—the success of the whole depends upon the success of each member and the success of each member depends on the success of the others" according to Robbins and Judge, (2013, pg. 346). The goal is to match the individual's skills and personality according to the assigned task in the Employment Verification Division. Personality Analysis Types Team B consists of four unique personality types evaluated using the DISC information to create a motivational plan based on the information collected. The DISC assessment reveals and identifies each employee's specific interactive personality
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